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What Are the Roles of HR Management and Support Staff in DT?

Human Resource management and support staff are already (or will be) playing a role in the current digital transformation (DT) potentially impacting careers in the administrative services and customer service sectors. Regardless of whether they are in a position of authority over these workers or are merely consultants to management, they are being asked to effect a seismic change in their companies.

Members of the Centre de recherche et d’intervention sur l’éducation et la vie au travail (CRIEVAT) will be leading focus groups. Using conversation between management or HR staff on a given topic of mutual interest as a research method allows us to consider how they view change taking place and its goals, including the career of vulnerable workers due to DT, their maneuvering room and limitations in such a context, the work environment in which the change is taking place, and their own experience and dilemmas looming over their careers.

Through the exchange of views, researchers can thus identify key issues or barriers, as well as solution strategies arising from conversations with individuals who are best positioned to know the real work. This would also help generate valuable knowledge for the company.

Centre de recherche et d’intervention sur l’éducation et la vie au travail (CRIEVAT) – (Centre for research & intervention in education and work life)

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