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How Employees Embrace Change

The objective of the study led by the Director of the Centre de recherche en technologies et affaires (CeRTIA), affiliated with FSA ULaval is to understand how employees in the insurance sector are preparing themselves and embracing change being ushered in by information technology in their workplace.

This study is all the more pertinent given the ubiquitous nature of digital transformation designed to harness new technologies and digital capabilities to help companies improve their operations, customer experience and employee experience.

The study’s results will help us provide a desk-level picture of the situation that is balanced, objective and as comprehensive as possible. This means a better definition of needs in preparing for how these types of occupations evolve, and in doing so, contribute to adequately supporting employees in potential technological change.

Centre de recherche en technologies et affaires (CeRTIA) – (Centre for technology & business research)


Josianne Marsan Sophie Brière
Julie Dextra-Gauthier Marie-Ève Dufour
Mathieu Templier