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How Do Job Skills Evolve in a DT Context?

Pulling together the dynamic strengths in AI research, innovation and data science in the Greater Québec City area, the Institute Intelligence and Data (IID) is playing an important role in the development and production of knowledge for a broad field of applications. The work of IID members supports substantive technological breakthroughs, namely in complex data processing, with an unfailing concern for privacy, ethics and social acceptability. For our project, IID researchers will be mapping out the evolution of skills in the insurance sector based on a textual analysis of past and present job postings in administrative services and customer service. The science will consist in developing algorithms to keep track of these occupations, with the aim of creating a long-term test bed that could employ AI to observe in real time the evolution of skills in different occupational categories.

Institute Intelligence and Data (IID)

Christian Gagné Julien Laumônier
Lynda Robitaille

David Beauchemin Yvan Le Ster
Marouane Yassine
(In French only)