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Dissemination Partners

A number of organizations have come on board to assist with disseminating the results through their newsletters and regularly scheduled events for their networks and members.

At the Center of Development in Insurance and Financial Services (Centre de développement en assurances et services financiers) (CDASF), we are thrilled to support the project “Female Workers Facing the Challenge of Digital Transformation: A Case Study in the Insurance Sector,” a joint collaboration between Université Laval and the Future Skills Centre.

This project underscores the commitment of insurance companies (and CDASF members) to responsibly and proactively act in upskilling and retraining of workers affected by task automation in their job positions.

Its proposed approach should lead to better understanding the nature and extent of the digital transformation in target occupations, defining support and skills development needs, and testing innovative and multidisciplinary skills management and training strategies.

We are also confident that this developmental project will not only yield broad-changing benefits in terms of the employability of target groups and sustainability of companies, but also help generate public policy to offset large-scale worker displacement and thus help other industries with their own plans and the betterment of Canadian society at large.

(Website available in French only)

The mission of Regroupement des groupes de femmes de la région de la Capitale-Nationale (RGF-CN), is to unite women’s organizations in Québec’s Capitale-Nationale region in defending women’s rights and interests and improving standards of living. Our work consists among other things in advocating issues related to the economic empowerment of women. We have adopted a number of joint strategies and actions, namely to produce tools and memoranda, organize events and symposia, and develop strategic positions, education and awareness, including the sharing of information.

The RGF-CN has agreed to support this project, specifically in disseminating the program’s results and the transfer of training developed by Université Laval’s Académie de la transformation numérique to other sectors beyond finance and insurance, which will be used as a test bed in this project.

We trust that the benefits of this major project can be valuable in broadening the conversation on and knowledge of the realities and challenges faced by female workers in some industries across our region.

(Website available in French only)

The Réseau ACTION TI is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to create networking opportunities, organize the sharing and transfer of knowledge, encourage innovation in the IT sector, promote IT professions, support decision-makers and influencers in fulfilling their role, as well as facilitate access to tools intended to support its members in the business and IT community.

We will be helping disseminate the results of this project on social media and to our members through our newsletter, conferences, and regularly scheduled workshops. The annual “Women in IT” event in particular is one of our prime vehicles for dissemination.

By participating in this project, Réseau ACTION TI supports its members facing digital transformation (DT) in their company or organization, specifically by providing access to a project that combines a ground-breaking approach to skills management, training and support for female workers affected by innovation. We hope that in disseminating the positive results of Université Laval’s action research project we can empower our members to meet the challenges of DT.

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