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Symposium – A responsible approach to AI and digital tools in developing life-long learning: Empowerment and well-being


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May 11
to 12, 2022

A symposium organized by Nadia Naffi, Chris Isaac Larnder, Simon Parent, Ann-Louise Davidson, Didier Paquelin, Normand Roy and Simon Collin

The aim of this symposium is to facilitate substantive discussions and ideas on: 1) responsible and effective adoption of AI and digital tools for augmented, adapted, inclusive, equitable and above all more human-centric learning experiences; 2) technical and human skills needed in designing, developing, rolling out and facilitating learning using AI and digital tools critically, ethically, responsibly and sustainably (environmental, sociological and economic aspects); and 3) empowerment and well-being through and with accessible and responsible AI and digital tools.

  • Deadline for Submission: February 10, 2022
  • Compulsory Registration

View the call for papers (PDF, 605 KB – In French only)