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Does AI advance gender equality? – A panel on The Effects of AI on the Working Lives of Women


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Mar. 8, 2022

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2022 and in conjunction with the launch of the joint report by UNESCO-IDB-OECD “The effects of Artificial Intelligence on the working lives of women”, this virtual panel discussion will map the unique opportunities and challenges that AI presents for the working lives of women and address the three overarching topics highlighted in the report:

  • The changing skills requirements in the labour market;
  • The effects of AI on women entering the labour force;
  • The impacts of AI on women’s work environment and career progression.

The panelists, who come from different backgrounds and expertise, will share their insights and experiences on the challenges and opportunities in these specific areas as it relates to the effects of AI on the working lives of women.

Watch the webinar