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To successfully carry out the scientific work, training and support for target workers, a network of research and training teams from Université Laval and program partners has been set up. This network is built on collaborative work, for example, between a research unit and partners, between two research units, or between research units and training units. Research trainees also provide important vectors of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Members of each research unit and training advisors are independently responsible for the completion of the work assigned to them. Oversight of all research units is conducted by a steering committee comprised of the leaders of each research or training unit, representatives from partner insurance companies and a representative of the Centre de développement en assurance et services financiers, as well as the project’s lead investigator assisted by a research professional, the latter two tasked with the scientific and administrative coordination of the entire action research program. Plenary meetings are held for team members to discuss any specific matters related to the program.

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France Picard, Principal researcher * Sarah Boisvert, Research professional